Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 15

Day Fifteen: Favorite male character Hello, Jamie from Outlander. Though the dude they cast in the Starz version is not how I pictured him in my head while reading the book, he’s still okay. In the book, he’s mysterious, sexy, smoldering…Scottish. Plus he can wield a sword like nobody’s business. Did I ever think IContinue reading “Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 15”


Top Ten Tuesday: 11/11

Top Ten Characters We Wish Would Get Their OWN Book 1. Peeta Mellark – I feel like seeing what he was thinking and feeling during the entire series, would be such a different perspective than Katniss. She volunteered in place of her sister, he was chosen. He’d had a crush on her for awhile andContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: 11/11”

Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 3

Day Three: Your Favorite Series I’m going to go with my second favorite series, because nothing holds a candle to my Harry Potter pedestal. Ready? The Study Series by Maria V. Snyder. Poison Study is the first in the series, and according to Snyder’s Goodreads, she’s set to publish a fourth. Yelena is about toContinue reading “Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 3”