Top Ten Tuesday: 11/11


Top Ten Characters We Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

1. Peeta Mellark – I feel like seeing what he was thinking and feeling during the entire series, would be such a different perspective than Katniss. She volunteered in place of her sister, he was chosen. He’d had a crush on her for awhile and just had a different perspective to offer.

2. Hermione Granger – so many girls identify with her, I think a series or even just one book from her point of view would be a huge hit.

3. Primrose Everdeen – what did she go through while Katniss was away? What feelings did she grapple with?

4. Perry – the Under the Never Sky series would have been SO interesting coming from Perry’s point of view, with his family history and everything that went on between his brother, father and himself leading up to the books… a book like this should definitely be on Veronica Rossi’s to-do list.

5. Draco Malfoy – getting the story from one of the “villains” is always interesting, and I think HP from Draco’s point of view would be even more so than your average villain. He had a lot of pressure on him from his family and didn’t have anywhere near the same life or experiences that Harry did.

I know they’re all pretty prominent characters in the books themselves, but books from their point of views would be so AMAZING.

6. Hermione Granger – Okay, okay, I know Kiesha already said her, but I really identified with Hermione throughout the Harry Potter series. She is bookish, smart, and very frustrated with the boys in her life 90% of the time. I would have loved to understand her emotions and thought process throughout their various adventures.
7. Valek – Smart, cunning, and hilarious, there were definitely times during the Study series that I wished Valek was the MC rather than Yelena. Plus he’s so mysterious—I wanted to know what he was up to!

8. Anyone but Piper Kerman – Orange is the New Black was a great read (and an even better TV show), but honestly, it wasn’t that interesting to read about some sad, privileged white girl who ended up in prison for a year due to a mistake. I found most of her fellow inmates ten times more interesting, and was glad she at least covered some of their stories. That being said, I would have like more. Much, much more.

9. Jamie Fraser – Claire Randall is cool and all, but I think things would be been very interesting from Jamie’s point of view. Think about it: some crazy lady shows up, eventually tells him she has time traveled, talks about the future, etc. In the book, he’s like “okay, that’s cool” and moves on. I’m pretty sure most rational people would lose it…even just a little bit.

10. Ky  – Matched would have been about 10,000x more interesting if Ky had been the MC rather than Cassia. She’s kind of your typical useless, I’ve-been-privileged-my-whole-life-and-haven’t-questioned-the-system kind of MC, which can get really annoying after reading too many dystopian novels. Ky has an interesting, mysterious background and common sense. Whenever he was not around Cassia in the book, I was very annoyed that I had to deal with her alone. 

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