Top Ten Tuesday: 12/19

Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

  1. Harry Potter Juniper Boxed Set | Seriously, it’s gorgeous. I don’t have an actual physical set of Harry Potter books (THE HORROR!) but when I do, I’m investing in a beautiful set.
  2. Food52 Genius Recipes | If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Food52. I just haven’t shelled out the cash to get this puppy on my kitchen counter.
  3. Jurassic Park/The Lost World Collector’s Edition | Jurassic Park is my favorite book. I had this edition at one point, but made the MASSIVE mistake of lending it to someone…and now I don’t know where it is.
  4. The Love Poems of Rumi | I love Rumi, and I simply haven’t had the chance to pick this one up.
  5. Whiskey, Words & A Shovel by R.H. Sin | Cold days, clouds and fuzzy blankets make me want to read poetry.
  6. Astrophysics for People In A Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson | I read the sample and enjoyed it but haven’t purchased the full version.
  7. A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book | I loved these books when they first came out. I remember thumbing through them, smiling or crying, and realizing that A) I wasn’t alone in many aspects and B) people have some pretty interesting secrets.
  8. The Shredded Chef | I’ve had this book on my ‘to buy’ list for ages.
  9. Humans of New York: Stories | I follow the Facebook page and imagine the book is good, too.
  10. Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo | The cover, the story, the author…yes.


Thursday Things 12/31


It’s that time of year, when everyone is thinking about the fresh start looming ahead of us and what we can do differently to make the next year even better than the last. With that train of thought in mind, here are a few things that are inspiring me for this coming year…

Books for the successful woman… I’ve read Bossypants, the next ones up are How to be a Woman, Why Not Me?, and #girlboss. I also really want to read Leave Your Mark and I’ve heard really good things about I Am That Girl so it’s on the list too… I’ve been feeling lately like I have two (or more) paths ahead of me and I need to figure out which one I want to take. I’m hoping that reading these types of books will help me make my decision without wasting more time. I’m taking the Spring semester off from school and transferring in the summer so a lot of things are up in the air right now, so to speak.

I really really love this take on digital detoxing – I think I’m going to talk to the hubs and see if he’d be on board for once a week or once a month digital detoxes – our phones and/or laptops are constantly glued to our sides when we’re at home and I’m over it.



It’s no secret (or maybe it is?) that I have a shopping problem… I spend way too much money on clothes for myself that I generally don’t really need… it’s my way of making myself feel better when I’ve had a bad day and I’d really love to learn how to not rely on that outlet. I’ve heard a lot about no-spending and no-shopping years in the good ol’ blogosphere, and I think 2016 is going to be my year… I’m going to commit to buying no clothes for an entire year. This terrifies me. I really like this take on the whole process, and while I’m not going to go as hardcore as she did, I am determined to end next year without a huge pile of new clothes I’ve collected throughout the year. My only exceptions to the no-clothes-buying rule are going to be (1) underwear and bras (because the size of certain things gets out of control sometimes), (2) if something I wear regularly gets ruined, (3) workout clothes within reason and (4) I will make exceptions for smaller sizes… I’m on a workout program and getting my thyroid medications figured out, so if I lose weight and cannot fit in the clothes I currently own, I will not force myself to deal with them longer than I have to for confidence reasons. I think that’s it though. Wish me luck!


P.S. Sorry for this ridiculously long post 🙂

P.P.S. I want to read ALL of these books. Damnit.

P.P.P.S. 2015 is officially over and while I didn’t hit my Goodreads reading goal (50 books… I feel like such a failure), I DID read more this year than last year. For 2016, I’m not setting a number for a goal, my goal is just to read more than I did this year. Happy 2016!!

Thursday Things 12/24


HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!?! I am probably more excited than I should be, but whatevs. Cannot wait to see it!! & there’s this wonderful list from Buzzfeed to go along with the trailer. As soon as I heard ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ the tears welled up. I wish they would do theater showings of the HP movies so we could get the experience all over again.

Another Harry Potter related tidbit… Hermione Granger was cast for JK’s new play HP & the Cursed Child… and I LOVE the choice. Harry and Ron were cast as well, but I’m not as excited about them… it’s weird seeing HP as someone other than Daniel Radcliffe. What are your thoughts on the casting??


That’s all from me today, I’m off to spend some much needed time with the family & in the kitchen (all of the FOOD!).

See you next week & have a very Merry Christmas!!K

Thursday Things 12/17


I AM SO EXCITED!!! The first trailer for the BFG has been released!! Sophie’s glasses look exactly like the ones I wore when I very first read the book like 20 years ago. LOVE.

And of course, here are some more really awesome gift ideas for the book lover in your life!

This year saw the release of some REALLY REALLY good books & I’m so glad that Saint Anything made it on this list. There are also a ton of other amazing books too! Any that surprised you?

I may have to recruit Lauren to make some DIY Harry Potter ornaments with me… so adorable!

I am ridiculously excited for the new books coming out in 2016 and this list has SO MANY that I cannot wait for. WHY WHY WHY is Heartless not coming out until next November though?! 😦


Thursday Things 12/10


Well, we’ve got less than a month til Christmas (just over 2 weeks actually!!!!!) and if you’re doing some last minute shopping, here are a ton of really good ideas for the book lover in your life (or you can just send it to your significant other/best friend/sibling/parent,etc. like I did… 🙂 )

Sorry Lauren, Netflix is my new best friend… 🙂

Proof that Hufflepuffs are the best. Sorry to all you Gryffindors, Slytherins & Ravenclaws!

If I hadn’t already gotten all of my stocking stuffers (I buy my own… it’s more fun that way haha), I would totally be getting some of these. Is it bad that I really want that wand remote?

Even though it’s winter, I’m still loving Lauren Conrad’s Fall reading list… so many good books on it! I love that she includes YA books!


Top Ten Tuesday: 12/8


Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

  1. Susan Ee | I read Ee’s Angelfall series for the first time this year (and my first encounter with her work) and fell in love.
  2. Grace Draven | I picked up Radiance on Amazon and fell in love from there. I need to read more of Draven’s work!
  3. Alexandra Bracken | I read the Darkest Minds series (and then Passenger). Another author that I need to read more of, as she hasn’t disappointed me yet.
  4. Eliza Crewe | So sassy, so spunky, so different than what I’m used to reading. Highly recommend,
  5. Michelle Moran | Moran definitely rekindled my love of historical fiction this year, which I appreciate! Her ancient Egypt novels had me reading for hours at a time and unable to put them down.
  6. Stephanie Thornton | Another historical fiction author that I need to read more of. I loved her Tiger Queens book and I have the rest of her work on my TBR list.
  7. Rick Yancey | I still have nightmares (legit ones) about the different waves and aliens coming for us.
  8. Laini Taylor | Gaaaah. Such beautiful writing.
  9. Renee Ahdieh | Please, please come out with more books. Please.
  10. Sabaa Tahir | And you, too. More. Please.


Thursday Things 12/03


The holiday season is strong in me, and I always feel a lot more lovey-dovey and thankful around this time, so this list was perfect (and to be honest, it made me tear up a little bit).


 This is so beautiful. And it was made in a single night!

I’m a little while away from having kids, but I swear they will own (and wear regularly) most of these onesies.

The 2015 Goodreads Choice Awards winners have been announced! Did anyone that you voted for win? Anything that took you by surprise?

 This list literally made me laugh out loud – I love ALL OF THEM.

Cupcakes = happiness. When has Gilmore Girls ever been wrong? (the answer is never in case you were wondering).

I follow 3 of the authors on this list but you’re right if you think I’m going to start following all the others now!