Thursday Things 12/10


Well, we’ve got less than a month til Christmas (just over 2 weeks actually!!!!!) and if you’re doing some last minute shopping, here are a ton of really good ideas for the book lover in your life (or you can just send it to your significant other/best friend/sibling/parent,etc. like I did… 🙂 )

Sorry Lauren, Netflix is my new best friend… 🙂

Proof that Hufflepuffs are the best. Sorry to all you Gryffindors, Slytherins & Ravenclaws!

If I hadn’t already gotten all of my stocking stuffers (I buy my own… it’s more fun that way haha), I would totally be getting some of these. Is it bad that I really want that wand remote?

Even though it’s winter, I’m still loving Lauren Conrad’s Fall reading list… so many good books on it! I love that she includes YA books!



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