Thursday Things 09/10


I'm obsessed with this Facebook page.

First of all, I just discovered Feed Your Need To Read and I am in love. I am also in a big survival book kick and they just posted a great list. Also, 18 Times YA Lit Captured Our Feelings Exactly.

Buzzfeed Books pretty much just summed up texts that Kiesha and I would definitely send to each other (especially #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #8, #9…alright. The whole damn list).  And because food is to books as macaroni is to cheese, here are 30 Things to Make In September.

As if my TBR pile needed any help, I just discovered B&N’s To-Read Lists on their blog

Feel like I need to lift a pinky while saying Voldemort the correct way (first Hermione, now this?).


So, James Potter’s first day at Hogwarts was last week & this article imagines what Hogwarts would look like today (technology & shiz) & can I just say that I love it? My favorite sections are the last two – Wizard Starbucks?! YES.

I have mad love for Sandra Bullock & it’s so great that she stepped up and asked for a male’s role – and that she got it! She’s such a good actress & damn right George Clooney owed her one for floating away in Gravity!!

I am a HUGE list-maker and when I heard about the 52 Lists Project and how it’s been released in book form (this past Tuesday as a matter of fact) I knew I had to get my hands on it. I literally make lists for everything (groceries, to-do’s, to-buy’s, Christmas ideas, cleaning, etc. etc.) and I think this could help me be a bit more creative but still in my comfort zone. Can’t wait to get it!

I’ve been drinking pumpkin spice latte’s nonstop since their fan pass came out. You’d know this if you were already following us on Instagram! #sobasic




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