Radiance by Grace Draven

21463865An arranged marriage between Ildiko, niece to the King of Gauri, and Brishen, a prince from Kai, seals a treaty for power, wealth and protection from the Belawat. – Goodreads

You know what’s unfortunate? Judging a book by its cover. Thank goodness for fabulous Amazon and Goodreads reviewers or I never would have dropped the several bucks I did for this. In fact, even after I bought it months ago, I didn’t read until now (because I’m all caught up on my TBR list).

I am now officially a huge fan of Grace Draven and just bought two more of her books. I’m not entirely sure that this review can do her justice—to put it bluntly, I think it’s safe to say that this book is in my top ten list.

Ildiko is a human girl, the niece of a King, a disposable pawn to marry off in order to strengthen relations. Brishen, a Kai prince, is also a marriage pawn—but he’s not human. He’s Kai. They are the color of a dead eel, with fangs like a wolf and long, dark claws. They’re terrifying.

The best part? Humans are creepy to them, too. Which was awesome, because Draven is HILARIOUS. They both think each other completely hideous but begin their marriage as friends. In fact, they grow to be best friends, despite their differences.

This story was adorable. It was about two people—people who mean nothing, according to Ildiko—who are thrust together and who make the most of it by treating each other with kindness and trying to survive. It was just…so…sweet. I loved that they got along, respected each other, and were so, so kind to one another. I could see a lot of people disliking the book for this reason—zero angst—and that’s okay. I adored it 🙂

All of the drama was external—family, politics, war, etc. So, there was definitely some action and influences to keep the plot moving. This is also an adult novel, so there are sex scenes (which, by the way, were written beautifully and sensually).

I highly recommend and can see myself pushing this on EVERYONE for the next long while. Can’t wait to tuck into another one of Draven’s books right away. I rated this a 5/5 on Goodreads and added it to my favorites shelf 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Radiance by Grace Draven

  1. While this cover was not doing it for me i’m happy those reviewers on Amazon were able to convince you to pick it up and i’m happy that you’ve convinced me to give it a try. This one sounds like a true hidden gem. Lovely review!


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