Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 24

Day 24: A book you wish more people would’ve read

183845I have no idea where I found this book, or what even made me want to read it as it’s not what I’m usually drawn to, but Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet by Xinran is an absolutely breathtaking book.

It’s written beautifully, about a woman whose husband goes missing very shortly after they get married. She goes on a very long journey through Tibet trying to locate him, and everything that she learns and goes through during that time is very moving and eye-opening. Definitely recommend it to everyone I know!


213753When I was in high school, I was on a Teen Choice panel for our city library. Our job was to read a bunch of books and vote on our favorite to win the Teen’s Choice for the year. It was an intense job, but boy, did I find the book. I fought tooth and nail for it to be the choice, and it ultimately won (you haven’t seen a heated discussion until you get a bunch of nerdy, teenage bookies in the same room, fighting for their favorite book of the year).

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer was not the winner that year, but it won for me. A meteor knocks the moon closer to the Earth, which throws everything in complete and utter chaos. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes—the entire population is devastated, and people are fighting to survive. Summer turns to a freezing winter, and Miranda and her family are forced to survive on stockpiled canned goods, a small amount of water, and the wood in their stove.

It’s a heartwrenching, terrifying read that reminded my teenage self that we can’t take everything for granted.


Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: A book you’ve been wanting to read for a long time but still haven’t

7747374I Am Number Four has been on my ‘to-read’ shelf for an embarassingly long time—since before the movie came out, even. But then I broke down and watched the movie, and felt as if the ending was ruined, so I haven’t bothered. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie, though, and after reading the Goodreads summary (again), I think I’ll definitely pursue it in the next few months.



227443I still have yet to read Bridget Jones’s Diary, even though it has been out forever and get high praises from one of my besties. It’s been on my to-read list forever, but I’m going to use the lame excuse of not knowing about Goodreads until earlier this year – how could I organize the books I wanted to read and actually make sure they got read before?! Obviously some, probably too many, fell through the cracks. I will hopefully read it soon, but you never know what might come up between now and then!


Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: A book that makes you cry

1472878I have never cried like I cried reading Firefly Lane (ironic that I used this as the book that makes me happy too…). This is definitely one of my favorite books, and introduced me to Kristin Hannah who is now one of my favorite authors.

I read this a few years ago and cried then, but when my best friend’s mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I (mistakenly) decided to read it again, I cried harder than ever before. The last parts of the book hit so close to home it was almost unbearable, it was like the future playing out before me in written form.

I will continue to read it again and again because I love it so very, very much but it will forever remind me of those months and how life can take turns for the worst. It shows that you can get through anything if you have your best friend beside you.



6400090Big shocker: it’s a Nicholas Sparks book! But seriously though, the Last Song had me bawling like a baby. Ronnie’s parents get a divorce and she’s forced to stay in North Carolina (what?! A Nicholas Sparks books set in one of the Carolinas?) with her dad for the summer. She finds love, learns to love her dad, etc. The ending is incredibly emotional and depressing, hence the tears.

I was apprehensive to read this book at first, primarily because Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana would be playing Ronnie in the movie. Once you get the casting in your head, you picture the characters as those people. I quickly forgot that, and devoured the book in a weekend. I’m not usually a crier with books, but I definitely had tears trailing down my face with this one.


Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 21

Day 21: The first novel you remember reading

958277I’m pretty positive that this was not the first novel I read, but I do remember loving the Junie B. Jones series in my young reader days. I remember getting up to #13 or so before moving on to more sophisticated series, such as the Magic Tree House, the Unicorns of Balinor, and the American Girls series. Junie B. Jones was a series that focused on a dramatic six-year-old who had to deal with things like a stinky school bus, cafeterias, Meanie Jim, and Handsome Warren. To homeschooled little old me, this was a fascinating peek into a world I wouldn’t see until my sophomore year of high school. Again, notice a theme? The whole living vicariously through fictional characters in public school thing? Yeah, when I actually got to school, it was a real wake up call.


548295I’m so glad this came up! I’ve had this book on my mind a lot lately and I really want to find it and read it again.I remember it clearly, how excited I was when finished, how it felt to realize there was an entirely different world within the pages of books.

Laura’s Luck by Marilyn Sachs was a book that I finished when I was in the first grade and it started a HUGE addiction – after that I read everything I could get my hands on. It’s about the adventures of a girl named Laura while she’s away at summer camp. It shocks me how many details I remember about this when it’s been so long since I’ve read it. I remember the description of her ankle spraining while the campers are on a hike, the annoyance of the mosquitoes and the smell of the craft cabin. So crazy to me. I always wanted to go to summer camp, but never actually got to. I think I read this book pretty regularly until middle school and it obviously had a huge influence on me.


Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 20

Day Twenty: Favorite romance book

18233789So, I’m not a huge romance fan. I can probably count on one hand how many I’ve read in my entire life, actually. But! That doesn’t mean that every once in awhile I don’t get sucked in.

The Note by Teresa Mummert did just that, drew me in like a black hole. I wasn’t even really looking for it, I just scrolled through my nook library and chose it by random, and I’m so glad I did!

It’s about a woman named Jenn who is ready to give up on life and throw away her dreams, when a chance run in with a soldier home on leave changes everything. It’s all about how every single thing that happens in life, happens for a reason.

I love this book, it was exactly what I needed when I read it and I will definitely be reading it again.


7812659I absolutely love Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. In fact, I should have used it as my favorite book-turned-movie. After all, I did lop off eight inches of hair immediately after watching it. That is beside the point.

The book follows the typical Nicholas Sparks formula—back east, one is rich/advantaged, the other is poor/disadvantaged, someone’s significant other has died, etc.

It’s about Katie, who escapes an abusive marriage by running away to a little North Carolina town. She changes her appearance, gets her own place, finds her own way, and meets Alex, a widowed store owner. According to Goodreads, she learns that “love is the only true safe haven”.


Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 19

Day Nineteen: Favorite book turned into a movie

10412Though the movie wasn’t really based on the book, as the book is laid out in a self-help format,  I loved He’s Just Not That Into You. The book was like my field guide in college—if a boy didn’t text or call me, I assumed He Wasn’t That Into Me. If a guy was busy, I assumed He Wasn’t That Into Me. This book taught me not to put up with BS and to move on—because I am beautiful, awesome, etc. Granted, the book wasn’t that awesome. Once I stop analyzing boys so much and just let it flow, I could actually figure out if someone was into me, because people are humans and they give signs.

But I love the movie. I love how they took the Rules from the book and inserted them into several different characters and relationships. If a guy is into you, he will call. If a guy is into you, he won’t cheat on you. If a guy is into you, he’ll do everything within his power to marry you and move mountains to be with you. And the list goes on. Shallow material, but I love it.


5Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is my FAVORITE Harry Potter book and my favorite movie. I feel like it was so well done!! Obviously there are changes, that comes with any book-turned-movie, but it was just so… brilliant.

I watch the movies over and over, but this is the only book of the series that I’ve ever read more than once. All of the scenes are so amazing, the way that Patronuses were done, the entire setting of Hogsmeade was perfect. I just love it. It was also the introduction of one of my favorite characters, Sirius Black, so of course that helps!


Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 18

Day Eighteen: A book that disappointed you

13447149I started the Breathe series (twosome?) by Sarah Crossan back in April and devoured the first book, so I immediately started the second, Resist, thinking it would be just as good. I was so wrong.

The second book seemed rushed and all over the place, like Crossan was grasping at straws deciding how to end the story. I think that she should have made it at least a trilogy so that it could have ended better and avoided ruining the story. I was geared up to start recommending the books to everyone, but didn’t say a peep after finishing Resist. Kiesha


18465657I was very disappointed by the One & Only by Emily Giffin. I absolutely love Giffin’s books, so naturally, I was excited for this one to come out. Without reading the summary, I picked it up and jumped in…and was sorely disappointed in the football saturated world of football-obsessed ladychild Shea Rigsby. It didn’t stop there—it was a page turner, but not for good reasons. Shea barely changed by the end of the book, and her slightly incestuous relationship freaked me out. Giffin, I love your other six books…but your seventh was a flop. Hopefully the eighth is better!