Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 21

Day 21: The first novel you remember reading

958277I’m pretty positive that this was not the first novel I read, but I do remember loving the Junie B. Jones series in my young reader days. I remember getting up to #13 or so before moving on to more sophisticated series, such as the Magic Tree House, the Unicorns of Balinor, and the American Girls series. Junie B. Jones was a series that focused on a dramatic six-year-old who had to deal with things like a stinky school bus, cafeterias, Meanie Jim, and Handsome Warren. To homeschooled little old me, this was a fascinating peek into a world I wouldn’t see until my sophomore year of high school. Again, notice a theme? The whole living vicariously through fictional characters in public school thing? Yeah, when I actually got to school, it was a real wake up call.


548295I’m so glad this came up! I’ve had this book on my mind a lot lately and I really want to find it and read it again.I remember it clearly, how excited I was when finished, how it felt to realize there was an entirely different world within the pages of books.

Laura’s Luck by Marilyn Sachs was a book that I finished when I was in the first grade and it started a HUGE addiction – after that I read everything I could get my hands on. It’s about the adventures of a girl named Laura while she’s away at summer camp. It shocks me how many details I remember about this when it’s been so long since I’ve read it. I remember the description of her ankle spraining while the campers are on a hike, the annoyance of the mosquitoes and the smell of the craft cabin. So crazy to me. I always wanted to go to summer camp, but never actually got to. I think I read this book pretty regularly until middle school and it obviously had a huge influence on me.



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