Friday Favorites

8f74b74832a9ae4d749d40cb5a82a050I’m really loving this list of 50 Powerful Brené Brown Quotes That Will Lift You Up When You’re Shame Spiraling by Heidi Priebe. I’m still halfway through Daring Greatly and love Brown’s work; sometimes you just need a little snippet of pick-me-up when you’re beating yourself up — something I’ve been doing a lot of lately.

Epic Reads just released their list of The 17 Most Anticipated YA Books To Read in November 2016. So many books, not enough time! Heartless, Of Fire & Stars, The Diabolic…and so many more. Bye, money.

I’ve been drinking a cup of Yogi Bedtime tea before bed with my before-bed reading material. I’m definitely a habit person, and this immediately puts me in a sleepy, relaxed mood.

I’m digging this article from The Everygirl about Why Lifelong Learning Is Key To Becoming Your Best Self. I love to learn and often find that I’m happiest when learning new things on a regular basis. How do you continue to learn even when you’re not in school? I enjoy watching TED Talks, listening to podcasts and reading various blogs on subject matter I’m interested in (law enforcement, public relations, current events, lifestyle).


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