Thursday Things 10/01


It’s Halloween month! Lauren and I already have our costumes planned, but if you’re still trying to decide, check out these literary costumes! I have a secret love for zombies, so that zombie librarian knocked my socks off.

Speaking of Halloween, if you’re throwing a Harry Potter themed party (or even just watching the movies), take a look at these Harry Potter drinks! I’m definitely making some, especially the polyjuice potion!

I already know you’re book-obsessed if you’re reading our blog, but if you’re as Instagram-obsessed as I am, check out this list of bookish Instagram accounts to follow – I LOVE the dog books one & I’m betting Lauren loves the cat books one 🙂

I’m sorry today’s post is so full of Harry Potter but OH MY GOSH!!! Look what’s coming!! 96 pages of color-able beautiful HP images! AH. You bet your a** this is already on my Amazon wishlist! (& yes, this deserves ALL of the exclamation points!)


Amy Schumer is writing a book. ‘Nuff said. NEED.

What job would you have in the Game of Thrones world? I’d be on the Knight’s Watch…all the better to googly eye Jon Snow.

I don’t like beer, but I like this concept.



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