Thursday Things 9/17


Damn straight it’s the dawn of the age of the Hufflepuffs! I am a proud ‘Puff for sure & will rock that black & yellow like nobody’s business! (Unless of course it’s football season, then I’m green & yellow all the way).

I’m pretty sure I fall under nearly every one of these 50 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading, and I’m betting some of you do too!

I’m not going to lie, the majority of the time I’m pretty stressed out. I started coloring when I worked at a call center years ago but when I started working where I do now, I stopped. I couldn’t get all of the things done (and focus on them) and still have time to color. A few weeks ago though, I ordered some adult coloring books from Amazon, and low and behold! It totally chills me out to get in the coloring zone. I highly recommend trying it if you’re stressed out!

If you’re in your twenties,  you should definitely take a look at this list from Popsugar – I love it! I immediately flipped to what you should read at age 26 and I actually already own Girls in White Dresses – I guess  I’ll have to start it soon!

I was talking to a friend the other day about how pumpkin-spice obsessed I am (and so is the rest of America), and stumbled upon this article about it today. And it’s spot on! We definitely wouldn’t love it as much if it were available year-round, and it just screams Fall to me – which is especially inviting after a horrible summer (and by horrible I mean hot and sweaty).



I love this list from BookBub—11 Novels to Read Based On Your Favorite Book Boyfriends. Hah! I definitely love Jamie, Peeta and Four, so I might have to check those out.

Buzzfeed Books totally killed it this week. First, 21 Signs That Prove Booksellers Are The Absolute Best. Second, 17 New YA Books That Will Make Your Heart Happy. And finally, 32 Books That Are Guaranteed To Give You Wanderlust. Will my read list ever outnumber my TBR list? No.

I’m pretty serious about fitness/nutrition/lifting—but my Achilles Heel is definitely pumpkin spice lattes (and peppermint mochas, but we’ll talk about those in December). There’s something about curling up with a hot cup of pumpkin goodness and reading a book in the crisp autumn air that’s very appealing to me. What’s not appealing is the astounding 50 GRAMS of sugar in a Grande (WTF). I found a healthier alternative that is cheaper and made at home.

I can’t think of anything I need more than this Gryffindor Snuggie. Ok. Maybe the boxed set of these new HP books. Or these 11 Back-to-School Supplies We Want to Buy For Our Grown-Ass Selves.



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