Top Ten Tuesday: 3/10



9780142415566_AlongForTheR_CV.indd1. Crime/Thrillers. Made For You is hands down my favorite right now, as well as anything written by the amazing Gillian Flynn.

2. Stories about Best Friends. Grab Firefly Lane – it’s all about growing up together and remaining as close through whatever life throws at you.

3. Lighthearted Beach Reads. Along for the Ride is one of my favorites!

4. Reality TV. Pick up The Andy Cohen Diaries – the perfect way to get all that juicy gossip without reading trashy magazines.

5. History. Between Shades of Gray gave me goosebumps and broke my heart, in the best way possible.

lauren (1)

6. Suspense. Check out Luckiest Girl Alive—I still think about it from time to time!

7. Adventure. I satisfied my need to hike by reading Wild...though for some, I think it might have the opposite effect 🙂

8. Apocalyptic reads. You definitely need to get your hands on Life As We Know It, which follows Miranda in a ruined world.

9. Cheeky chick lit. If you haven’t read The Bridget Jones Diary yet, do it. Do it now.

10. Dinosaurs. Two words: Jurassic World.

lauren (2)Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the Broke & the Bookish. Check out more Top Ten features on their site. 



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