Lauren’s 2015 Happiness Project

Here it is—my 2015 Happiness Project! I’ve assigned one focus area to each month. I’ve assigned some mini-goals to them, but they’re definitely open to change as the month grows closer and I figure out what makes me happy.

I am a pretty happy person as it is. Really, this journey is more about being grateful for what I have, living simpler, living in the now, and creating and following my vision. Vision as in what I want to do with my life, not something that, I don’t know, came in a dream or something. Figured I should clear that up as I read a lot of fantasy, so I don’t want you all worrying about me ūüôā

January РHealth & Fitness
Complete Whole30 | lift 5 days/week | hit 7,500 steps every day | take vitamins every day

February РCareer 
Do one thing to build my DoTerra business every day | contribute one thing to Tag Line every day | complete three major action items at ACSO every day | contribute one thing to Life Between Reads every day

March –¬†Live Minimally
Get rid of ten items every day | use homemade cleaners and products | buy nothing (* except necessities, like food or toilet paper) | declutter every room

April –¬†Energy
Get eight hours of sleep every night | enjoy a cup of green tea every day | act more energetic (fake it till you make it!)

May – Mindfulness
Eat dinner at the table with no distractions | meditate for five minutes every day | remember to be present, live in the now

June – Finance
Create (& stick to) a budget | use the cash envelope method | get finance smart: learn something new about finance every day (what is an IRA, anyway?)

July – Friends
Catch up with a different old friend each week | reach out (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) | listen, smile, stop talking

August Р Try New Things
Try something new every day, journal it | try one new restaurant every weekend | take time for mini adventures

September Р Marriage
Practice daily nice things | no nagging | fight right, no snapping | don’t expect praise

October – Education
Read 15 minutes of nonfiction every day | take an online course | learn something new every day

November – Be Grateful
Write three things I’m grateful for down every day | write a gratitude letter to someone who has helped me/inspired me every day | turn complaints into thankfulness

December – Family
Make time to be together | check in | let them know you love them


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