Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 25

Day 25: A character you can relate to the most

5139I can absolutely identify with Andrea Sachs from the Devil Wears Prada. She’s a small-town, naive girl who starts her career at a top-notch fashion magazine, where’s she’s completely out of her league. Though I cannot identify with having a psychotic boss, extremely shallow co-workers, or living in New York City, I really identify with her fashion sense (or lack thereof) and having a hectic work life.

Okay, so perhaps we don’t have that much in common. But after reading the book twice, I really feel like I’m similar to Andrea. Perhaps it’s her ability to adapt to a changing work and social environment, her love of literature, or her people pleasing ways. Maybe it’s the extremely supportive significant other or the work ethic. Either way, I love this book, and I’m definitely an Andrea Sachs at heart.


60510This is a very, very hard question for me to answer. I’ve been pouring over my Goodreads lists looking for something to jump out at me, to speak to me and tell me the answer but that hasn’t happened. There are so many characters from different books that I love that I relate to certain parts of them, or the way they react to certain things, but I cannot honestly say that there is one character that I relate to more than anyone.

There are girls like Yelena and Luna Lovegood and Katniss that I can see part of myself in, but everyone can. That’s why they’re written the way they are. I feel like the characters that I see myself in more than others, like Angela from The Things We Do For Love, are more characters that I’m afraid of becoming or afraid of being in their positions than actually relating to them.

So, I don’t have an answer for this one – but I’ll obviously keep reading, and hopefully will one day find that character that speaks to me more than any others.



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