Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 9

Day Nine: A book you thought you’d hate but ended up liking

19501Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s one of those books that I heard so many mixed reviews about. Everyone that I knew that read similar books and had similar taste to me hated it, but one of my friends kept pushing it on me (obviously, he liked it).

I finally gave in after I saw the movie and fell in love, and proceeded to fall in love with the book too. It’s SO good. Every time I’ve read it or watched the movie, I’ve always felt so at peace and inspired. It makes me want to go to Bali and just live, stress-free and full of love. I think I need to go watch it again now.


128756My mother-in-law recommended the Temperance Brennan series (by Kathy Reichs) to me, and I was hesitant. I’m not much of the crime/mystery/thriller type of person, probably because I work in that world and am overly critical of how cases play out.

I was in Hastings one day and spotted a used copy of the second book on discount. Not being one to leave a book store without a bargain book, I snagged it and began reading it that night. Finished it in a day, and I’m now on book eight!

Dr. Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist, and I love the forensic science in the books. Granted, I know next to nothing about forensic science, having only taking one class at the local coroner’s office. Regardless, I love the characters and the plot lines.



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