Week One: NaNoWriMo Update


Sweet manger baby, this week has handed my butt to me on a silver platter.

Between work and the small sliver of a social calendar that I have (plus you know, not being motivated), I am currently at 7,000 words—I should be at 13,333 today. So, I’m a little bit behind.

I’ve done everything in my power to procrastinate writing more. I’m writing this blog post, I designed a cover for my novel, I’ve cleaned the house, meal planned for the week, gone to the gym, and went to Target to pick up stocking holders. I’ve concocted ridiculous rituals for myself to get into “writing mode”: making coffee in my special mug, wearing a NaNoWriMo shirt, closing all of the curtains to create a writing cave, and turning on the essential oil diffuser.

It gets real.Aedit

For week two, my goal is to get back on word count track (I’m finally to the point in my book where I’m excited to write, so hopefully that helps).

I am writing a YA fantasy novel, and miraculously, it’s not called Untitled this year. It’s called Starfell. It’s about a girl who is magically transported to an alternate world/parallel universe through her book—only to discover she is living the story within her book.

Here’s to writing 14,000 words by next Saturday!



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