The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas

20359719I finished this book as fast as I could—partly because it was freaking amazing, and partly because I don’t want to read anything during NaNoWriMo (because let’s be real—I would choose reading this book over writing my daily word count).

I am so obsessed with this series. It has sucked me in and won’t release me for a while.

Nothing makes me more sad than when I see the words “expected publication date: 2015”. I have to wait how long for the third book? Are you kidding? What am I supposed to do until then!?

I definitely recommend reading the first book before trying the second. It won’t make any sense if you jump straight into this one, pretty cover or not. Plus, what’s worse than reading a fabulous sequel, realizing you love the writing style and story, and having to read the first? It’s like a super long prologue. Nobody wants that.

The character development in this series is great for most characters, but lacking in others. I feel like I knew Prince Titus like the back of my hand. His emotions, his thoughts, his ambitions…as a reader, you know (or see, because Thomas is very good at showing and not telling) what he’s up to.

Iolanthe, on the other hand, is a little different. At first, I assumed she was just mysterious. Now she feels a little aloof. You rarely know what she is feeling, and she can be a little bit one-dimensional. Once in a while she’ll get extremely lovey with Titus and express her feelings, but for most of the story, you have no idea what she’s thinking about the bad guy or her destiny.

The plot twists in the second book were fabulous. Maybe I’m naive, but I certainly didn’t call them when they rolled around. Iolanthe’s parents? Had no clue. Who the Bane was? Nope. I really enjoyed the surprise that I felt when these things popped up, and it made it really difficult to put the book down.

Overall, I highly recommend. 5/5 on Goodreads!



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