The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker

39810030.jpgA popular minimalist blogger and author of The More of Less shows you how to methodically turn your home into a place of peace, contentment, and purposeful living.

One of today’s most influential minimalist advocates takes us on a decluttering tour of our own houses and apartments, showing us how to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. He both offers practical guidelines for simplifying our lifestyle at home and addresses underlying issues that contribute to over-accumulation in the first place. The purpose is not just to create a more inviting living space. It’s also to turn our life’s HQ–our home–into a launching pad for a more fulfilling and productive life in the world.  – Goodreads

I’ve always been interested in the minimalist lifestyle — not the decor or architecture, as Joshua Becker points out, but the lifestyle. Living within your means and only having possessions that serve a purpose, instead of hanging onto everything “just in case”.

I saw Becker’s documentary, Minimalism, when it released in 2015. Prior to that, I’d read Leo Babauta’s blog, Zen Habits. I even gave Marie Kondo a shot. Though I do not consider myself a minimalist, I do think I have less ‘stuff’ than most. That being said, I wanted another kick in the pants to continue the effort in downsizing and consuming less.

I loved The Minimalist Home. It breaks it down by area — living room/family area, bedrooms, closets, kitchen, office, garage, etc. It simplifies each area and offers suggestions, which I found helpful, such as which duplicates to eliminate. My goal is not to become an extreme minimalist, but to live a life with less consumerism. Plus, I can’t stand clutter.

The only thing I didn’t love were the testimonials. The book was full of them, and while I can see how they may be useful, I didn’t love them and found they detracted from the meat and potatoes of the book.

Overall, if you want an easy guide to downsizing and going down that minimalism road…pick this one up. I rated it 4/5 on Goodreads.

I was provided a copy of The Minimalist Home in exchange for an honest review, courtesy of NetGalley.


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