{Belated} Top Ten Tuesday: 1/6


Top Ten Bookish Resolutions I Have for 2016

  1. Request only what I want. I have a bad habit of going on ARC request binges and then having a hell of a time finishing them, or getting sad because I have other things I want to read.
  2. Have more fun blogging. We started LBR to showcase our love of reading and have fun. It was a creative outlet. Yet I sometimes fall into the trap of creating content to create content, which isn’t as fun. I need to have more fun with it 🙂
  3. Read stuff on my shelf. I have another bad habit of hoarding books and not reading them. I preordered Mindy Kaling’s book. Haven’t read it. Have about 9000 more on Kindle that I’ve bought when they’re on sale and haven’t read them.
  4. Do more social. I’m a PR person. Why don’t I do more PR for us? Because it’s my day job, probably. But we work hard on our stuff and I’d like to showcase it more.
  5. Actually partake in challenges. I did several challenges last year through a Goodreads group I’m in, but I’d like to do more — but more than that, I want to challenge myself in what I’m reading. I have a tendency to stick to what I know and I’d like to branch out.
  6. Don’t buy books until I read what I have. See #3. I buy an assload of $1.99 and that ish adds up. I tell myself, “This is cheaper than a Starbucks coffee!” but it’s not when I get 40+ in a year. Also I just did the math on that and shuddered.
  7. Get a library card. Alright, put the pitchfork down. I’ve HAD ONE BEFORE. I went to the library three times a week growing up. But I’ve moved cities and haven’t been to my local library, a fact I need to remedy.
  8. Participate more on other blogs. I’m a bonafide blog creeper. I creep on everyone’s reviews, TTTs, etc. But I never talk. I need to talk more.
  9. Read in coffee shops more. I used to go every Sunday to a little local coffeeshop and read over my latte. I miss this.
  10. Read 150 books. I almost hit it in 2015, but life happened.



2 thoughts on “{Belated} Top Ten Tuesday: 1/6

  1. Yes! Come talk on blogs! I try to find something to say on all the blogs I read (if I have something to say) because it’s the best way to support other bloggers, to interact with them, get to know them, etc. ^.^ I love doing it. Though, I wish there were a faster way to do it because it becomes time-consuming when you follow like 50+ blogs. Wooops! :p


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