Forget resolutions, here are my 2016 book challenges

I used to be a real fan of resolutions. Get healthy, be successful, travel more, do fun things…but the problem is, resolutions aren’t measurable, attainable goals. Sometimes they are, but often they’re general. /rant over/

My 2015 Goodreads book challenge was to read 150 books. I was doing pretty well until we bought a house and I lost four weeks of reading time. I hit XXX books (or XXXXX pages), though, which I’m pretty damn proud of.

My 2016 book challenge goal is slightly more attainble — 125 books — but I’m also participating in Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge.

Read a horror book, a collection of essays, a food memoir, a book with a person who identifies as transgender. The list is pretty impressive, and will definitely challenge me to step out of my fantasy comfort zone.


Anyone else participating?



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