Thursday Things 11/12


Look! My Harry Potter tattoo was featured on Mel Reads Comics last week. My leg is famous. 🙂

I haven’t been quiet about my distaste for all things Twilight, but I saw this post about Stephenie Meyer’s picks for a Life and Death movie… and I kind of like it?! I love Emma Stone & I’d watch anything with her in it.

Personally, I feel like all of the drama over the Starbucks red cup is stupid, and Buzzfeed perfectly summarizes my feelings with this post. Seriously people – plain red “ombre” cups does not equal a war on Christmas!!

Disney princesses + Hogwarts!!!! It’s like someone went into my head and published my dreams on paper (or the internet, same difference). Ursula as Umbridge is GENIUS.

I actually already received The Grownup from this list, and Leah Remini’s book Troublemaker as well as Shonda’s Year of Yes were on my TBR list already, but Khloe Kardashian wrote a book and Richelle Mead’s new one sounds good too so I guess my TBR list will never end. Also, did anyone else have no idea that Mariah Carey came out with a book?! No? Just me? Oh well. #bookbloggerfail


ALL OF THE YES TO THIS POST!!! You should NEVER EVER feel bad or embarrassed about what you’re reading.


Okay… so I’ve taken over Top Ten Tuesday (because I love it) and Kiesha has taken over Thursday Things (because she loves it)…but I’m butting here and sharing these super cute book page pumpkin DIYs for Thanksgiving!



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