Thursday Things 10/08


This isn’t book related necessarily, but it definitely hits home. Have you ever felt like you’re an imposter in your job or career? I have. Here’s an amazing article on Impostor Syndrome: Why You Feel Like a Fraud & How To Overcome It. Lots of Lean In references here.

Banned Book Week was last week, but here’s an interesting article on the most banned YA books from 2014-2015. How many of them have you read? I was surprised to see that I’ve read at least half of them. And speaking of banned books—how scandalous is your reading history? I was disappointed to only have read 29 out of 93 banned books—I need to work on that!

Which Harry Potter character will you go trick-or-treating with according to your birth months? Apparently I’d go with Draco, which sounds like pure hell.


I’ve been trying to read the Mortal Instruments series before the TV show premieres (it’s not happening people… Clary is just too much!) & if you’re like me, you should definitely check out this list of books being adapted into movies. We can read them all and go see the moves and snark on how bad they were! #goodplan

This (huge) list of Harry Potter fan-art is absolutely amazing. It’s so interesting to see how other people view it, and the talent that some of them have is brilliant! My favorite is #18, Molly & Arthur Weasley.

Ok. So you guys know that I’m obsessed with Twitter, the Royal family, celebrities, reality TV, etc. etc. right? Well, my absolute FAVORITE person to follow on all social media platforms is Chrissy Teigen (she is HILARIOUS!!!) and guess what. Her and John Legend just optioned a sitcom based on their lives! WHAT. I will totally be tuning in!

Have you seen these house-themed Harry Potter box sets? I totally want the Hufflepuff set but $275.00 for a set of 7 books is steeeeeep. The site has a lot of really cool book sets though, so definitely take a look around!

Linda Belcher is my spirit animal and this solidifies it. She is the best!




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