Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs

24338293For every case Temperence Brennan has solved, there remain innumerable unidentified bodies in her lab. Information on some of these is available online, where amateur sleuths sometimes take a stab at solving cases. One day, Tempe gets a call from Hazel “Lucky” Strike, a web sleuth who believes she’s successfully connected a body in Tempe’s lab to a missing persons report on an eighteen-year-old named Cora Teague. Since the bones in her lab do seem to match Cora’s medical records, Tempe looks into the case, returning to the spot where the bones were originally found. What seems at first to be an isolated tragedy takes on a more sinister cast as Tempe uncovers two more sets of bones nearby. When she then learns that the area is known as a viewing point for a famous unexplained light phenomenon with significance for a local cult, Tempe’s suspicious turn to murder by ritual sacrifice—a theory thrown into question when Hazel herself turns up dead. Still reeling from her mother’s diagnosis and the shock of Andrew Ryan’s potentially life-change proposal, Tempe races to solve the murders before the body count climbs further. – Goodreads

I have to hand it to Reichs—you know what you’re going to get when you crack open the cover of a Temperence Brennan novel. A body will be found, surrounded by curious circumstances. Tempe is called. Tempe finds some things with the bones but not all. Tempe uncovers some sort of complex drug or gang or cult related connection. Tempe attempts to apprehend suspects alone and gets into trouble. Rinse and repeat.

The thing about predictable books like this is that you know what you’re getting into. This isn’t a negative thing, not at all. Sometimes I want to expect something from a book without having to read something I’ve already read. Sometimes I crave the familiarity with some intrigue. Reichs fulfills that.

I digress.

Let’s hit the two things that piss me off the most about Tempe:

  1. How she can’t make up her mind about Ryan.
  2. Every time she runs off by herself to apprehend a bad guy…and then ‘realizes’ it was a bad idea when it’s too late.

So those things are obnoxious but expected in every book.

Overall, this installment was fast-paced and interesting. The plot took some interesting and surprising turns which I appreciated…in fact, this is my favorite Bones book yet. I also loved the bits about the internet sleuths who watch too much CSI/NCIS/Bones/etc.

I will say that the references to the show Bones were very startling and confusing, especially because I get confused when the show Tempe refers to the book. So odd.

Overall, I rated this one a 3.5/5. I will continue to read and enjoy this series.

lauren copy

Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.


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