5 Beach Reads Kiesha Should Have Taken To The Beach

Because summer is coming and Kiesha left me for Hawaii (don’t worry, folks, it’s only temporary) this week will feature summer/beach themed posts. 

1. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling | Seriously,  I will make her read this some day. Am I the only one a little obsessed with Mindy? Whatever. This read is fresh and funny and perfect for giggling out loud on the beach.

2. Paper Towns by John Green | I read this one summer in high school and loved it. Green is the most quotable author of all time and really resonated with me.

3. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton | Maybe not your typical beach read, but it DOES take place on an island! Not to mention, the movie was shot in Hawaii. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

4. The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks | If you don’t read a Nicholas Sparks romance on the beach, did vacation ever really happen? This one is about a volunteer firefighter who falls in love with a single mother.

5. Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews | Alright, I haven’t actually read this one but it popped up during my beach read research (because my memory is kaput and I had to search through my entire ‘read’ list for inspiration, okay? This was on a different list). It’s about some middle-aged friends who rent a summer house and stuff—looks good to me!

This post was harder than hell to write, primarily because all of MY top beach picks are things Kiesha has already read. Kiesha does not like to reread books.

What are your favorite beach reads?

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