Top Ten Tuesday: 2/17




1. Not enough time. I read more than the average person, but still not enough time to read all of the books I’d like. Between a full-time job and training twice a day, there are days where I don’t read at all.

2. That depressing moment when you finish a book and actually miss the characters in it. You know, you’ve just plowed through a 500-page book, gotten to know the characters, been emotionally involved in their story…and bam. It’s over. Now what? This feeling is even worse with series.

3. Tired arms. You know how I mentioned training? After a hardcore bicep workout, the act of holding my Kindle above my head (not to mention a hardback) is nearly impossible. I’m surprised I haven’t wound up with a black eye from all of the times I’ve accidentally dropped said Kindle/book on my face 🙂

4. All of the books I want to read are $$$. Though I collect quite a few free (thank you, Net Galley, Random House and Edelweiss!) books, sometimes the ones I want are $10 on Kindle. And you know what? I justify it by dividing the hours it takes me to read into that $10, and saying things like, “You know, $2 is really cheap entertainment when you think about it!”

5. Too many TBRs. This kind of ties in with #1. I am a fanatical adder-to-the-TBR-list. If I’m on Goodreads and I see something I think looks cool, I add it. I have hundreds on my TBR list…if it’s on there for more than six months, I’ll probably never crack its cover.

lauren (2)

6. Never enough time. I have SO many books to read, and if I could I would do nothing but that all day, every day. Instead, I get to spend the majority of my time working full time and going to school. I’m lucky if I get to pick up a book once a week.

7. Running out of room. I currently have zero book shelves, so my books are being stored in closets and on night stands and dining room tables. I definitely need to invest in some shelves but I have nowhere to put them! I’m just lucky I have the majority of my collection on my nook or my house would look like a hoarder’s.

8. Too many books, too little time. I start books and then start other ones, and I’m constantly shuffling between 2-3 at a time. I have over 800 TBR’s on my Goodreads list and the list keeps on growing! I don’t know if I’ll be able to read all the books I want to, even if I live to 100.

9. Loving a book too much. I know this is hard to believe, but it IS possible. When I get sucked completely into a world that no other books can compare to… it’s tough. I find myself comparing every book to that specific one and it takes months for that to stop. This is also the reason I haven’t been reading much fantasy lately.

10. The length of time it takes for books to be published. Half the time, I refuse to read a series until all of the books have been released, that way I’m not waiting years for the next one. This is difficult when I don’t realize the book I’m reading is part of a series and I’m already sucked in and have to wait FOREVER to see what happens.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 2/17

    1. Thank you!!

      That’s the worst/best feeling—great because obviously the author did a fabulous job at building their characters, but terrible because you just want to follow them for their whole life!


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