Top Ten Tuesday: 2/10




funny-book-meme-monday-L-NeAi3I1. Hate: Over the top cheesiness. So many books out there make guys (and girls) seem so sappy and cheesy about absolutely everything, and that is just not how real life is. My favorite romances in books are the ones that tell it like it is.

2. Hate: Jumping from one person to the next. I absolutely DESPISE when the girls in books fall “in love” over and over and over. One guy doesn’t reciprocate their feelings, and they’re on to the next, going until they find someone that does. I know that this DOES happen in real life, and it annoys me then too.

3. Hate: When girls rely on guys for everything. Your happiness, your future, your personality, etc. should NEVER depend on what a guy thinks. A girl can find true love without having to compromise who she is.

4. Hate : Romantic elements in EVERY SINGLE STORY. Sometimes it just gets old, and the story itself is better without it.

5.  Love: When two people truly connect. i love watching that connection happen, and feelings slowly come to light. Sometimes I get so excited for characters when they finally realize what I already knew.

lauren (1)
curious-male-fifty-shades-meme-read-public6. Hate: Instalove. Seriously, if the main character is falling in love with the boy across the room within the first chapter (or, let’s be real, the first five) then I’m out. Especially if she comments on his dimples, beautiful sea blue eyes, or exotic accent.

7. Hate: Love triangles. So. Many. Nos. It’s uncomfortable, it makes me angry at at least two people, and there is always so much angst and “who should I chooooose?!”. No thanks.

8. Uncomfortable: Crazy explicit sex scenes. Whenever I read these, I immediately get uncomfortable. Am I prude? I never thought so, until I refused to read Fifty Shades of Gray in public due to the fact that my face would turn as red as the Red Room whenever something would come up. I’m alright with hinting at things, but unless something is explicitly (heh) labeled erotica or something, I like to know what to expect.

9. Hate: Taking a million years to get their sh*t together. When both character finally realize they love each other during the last quarter of the book…especially when it’s painfully obvious to the reader….argh. So much reader angst.

10. Love: When it’s so clear that two characters are perfect together. I love being able to read a story and clearly see how two people’s flaws and strengths match up and make them a great match. Love it.

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 2/10

  1. Nice list! I’m definitely a perv though and enjoy explicit love scenes. I did not buy your romance novel to read about your characters holding hands! But I hear you on the embarrassment in public. I made the mistake of listening to a racy audiobook, and I felt like the whole train could see me flustered. Lesson learned!


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