Listened To: Game of Thrones: The Song of Ice & Fire

51KcgxXmuHL._SL600_My husband and I are huge fans of books-on-tape…also known as audiobooks to those who weren’t around for cassette tapes. Back in the day, I would have to go to the library, rent a huge binder-sized contraption full of cassettes, bring it home, curse at the people before me who hadn’t rewinded the tape, and hope that the narrator was good.

It was a process for sure.

Now you can actually listen to a sample of the narrator’s voice before buying or renting—oh, or get a book on demand. That’s pretty cool, too. I digress.

My husband has an hour-long commute every day—thirty minutes there, thirty minutes back. For Christmas, I figured an audiobook—of our favorite book-turned-show, Game of Thrones—would be perfect.

Of course, until I started listening and insisted he wait for me to listen to it. So, that backfired.

However, this book-on-tape was freaking awesome. Narrator Roy Dotrice is a badass. His voice is amazing, his character voices are even better:

The book itself was fantastic, too, and I was pleased to see how close the series followed the episodes. Definitely a 5/5 in my book.

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One thought on “Listened To: Game of Thrones: The Song of Ice & Fire

  1. I’m listening to this on Audible right now! Same type of situation, except my commute to school is between an hour and 2 hours every day round trip. Audio books save my sanity during rush hour traffic in the DC area!


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