Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: The most surprising plot twist or ending

17802724The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I LOVED this book, and part of my loving it was because the ending totally shocked me. I’m sure that some people saw it coming, but I definitely did not! Moriarty did such a good job of showing the mystery and steering you in a certain direction, then she blows your mind with the truth. Super impressive!



18844839I combed through my Goodreads read shelf for thirty minutes before coming to a single realization: nothing stands out as surprising. Not a single book jumped out and screamed “I was surprising, remember?!” and not a single book came to mind with an “Aha!”.

I suppose The Deep End of the Sea had some surprising bits, but they were all pretty forced when the twist came. I guess I better add “read a book with a surprising plot twist” to my list!




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