Kiesha’s Picks: Gifts for Book Lovers


I’ve scoured the internet (let’s be honest, I scoured Etsy…) and found some really awesome gift ideas for the book lovers in your life – I’d definitely be over the moon with any of these!

Old Books Candle – $15

Frostbeard | Etsy

I’m definitely going to be order one, or two (maybe more) of these. The link is for the Old Books candle but the shop lists TONS of other book-related candles including Hufflepuff, Dumbledore’s office, Bookstore, and Oxford Library. Plus, you can get them in wax melt form ($6).

One More Chapter Keychain – $15

WordBaubles | Etsy

This keychain is basically what all of us bookworms are thinking every time we read. It comes in a necklace version as well.

Book Lovers Coaster – $16

CheltenhamRoad | Etsy

I WANT THESE. Coasters made from vintage library cards?! So awesome. And they go with everything so need to worry about clashing with other decor!

Eat Sleep Read Tote – $16.99

HandmadeandCraft | Etsy

This is perfect for carrying books, notebooks, your nook/kindle/ipad, anything! Plus it’s cute, so who wouldn’t want it?

Fond of Books Throw Pillow – $16.99

MinnieandMaude | Etsy

This pillow is sort of me… on a pillow. Does that make sense? I love it. I need it. I’m sure there is a book lover in your life that feels the same!

DFTBA Muggles Tshirt – $22

Harry Potter Alliance | Don’t Forget to Be Awesome

I’m sure you have one or two Potterheads in your life, and if they’re anything like me, this shirt is the PERFECT gift. They’ve also got some other really good ones to choose from.

Go Away iPhone Case – $26.86

OneSixEightOne | Etsy

This one ships from the UK so if you’re in the States, you’ll have to order it pretty soon otherwise it might not get here in time for Christmas. There are cases for other phones as well in the shop.

Alice in Wonderland Scarf – $42

storiarts | Etsy

This scarf is SO cute! I love that it looks exactly like pages from a book in scarf form and that it has pictures on it as well as all of the words.

First Lines Poster – $60

pixelandpress | Etsy

This poster is AMAZING. It’s customizable, so you can tell the shop owner exactly what first/last lines you want on it, and it looks like subway art that’s super popular right now. It’s a little bit more on the expensive side, but I think it’s well worth it.

Nook Cover – $64

chicklitdesigns | Etsy

The link to this is for a Tales of Beetle the Bard nook cover, but the shop has multiple to choose from. I personally own a Nook, but you can get this in the Kindle version as well. Super cool.



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