Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 5

Day Five: A book that makes you happy

1472878Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. This book is not the first book my best friend and I bonded over, but it’s definitely one that stood out. Each of us is very similar to one of the main characters – Samantha is like Kate and I’m like Tully. We see ourselves in the book so much, the way that each of the girls handles situations, the way their lives play out. Sometimes it makes us cry and sometimes it makes us laugh, but it always makes us love and appreciate each other that much more.


42156I understand that a book about cheating with your best friend’s fiance probably shouldn’t be a book that makes me happy, but hear me out. I love books because when you reread an old favorite, it takes you back to the time and place you read it.

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin takes me back to our family cruise to Mexico. I read the book on the deck, on the beach, in our room. I can recall the salt air, the chill of the ocean breeze, and the sunshine on my face. Mostly I remember taking these things in, being inexplicably happy, and reading this book.

It’s a fabulous book, and I loved being so conflicted about whether or not to dislike Rachel based on her moral flaws (and constant whining about being the boring, bland friend in comparison to her hottie-patottie friend Darcy, who I also disliked based on the fact that she’s a stereotypical public relations specialist who gives the rest of us a bad name).

I’ve since read Something Borrowed several times, and it still takes me back to the cruise (for the record, after reading the sequel, I decided not to hate Rachel so much).




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