Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

13481275A couple of weeks ago, right before school started, I wanted something light to end the summer with. The book version of a good old fashioned chick flick more or less. I’d had Lost Lake sitting on the shelf of my Nook for months now, just never getting around to reading it, and I wish I had a lot sooner! This book took me away just like every other one by Sarah Addison Allen does.

Lost Lake is about Kate. She’s been “asleep” for the past year since her husband passed away, and she’s finally woken up. Her mother in law has taken over her and her daughter Devin’s lives, telling them what to wear, what to eat, even going as far as selling their home and making all of the plans for Kate and Devin to move in with her. The day that Kate “awakens,” is moving day, and Devin is up in the attic going through a trunk full of old clothes, where she finds a post card from Lost Lake in Suley, Georgia. It turns out that Lost Lake is the site of cottages and land owned by Kate’s Aunt Eby. Kate and Devin decide that moving can wait, and they take a road trip out to see Aunt Eby and find out if Lost Lake is still there. What they end up finding is themselves, and how their lives are meant to be.

I REALLY liked this book. It is definitely not my favorite of Allen’s (that award goes to The Sugar Queen, hands down) but it is definitely up there. I love the writing style and the magic that is always intertwined throughout every book that Sarah writes, and this definitely had that. I would say that the only reason I didn’t like it more, was because I wanted more of Aunt Eby’s story. I rated it 4/5 on Goodreads. Can’t wait for her next book!



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